Welcome wanderer,

whether you stumbled upon this site by accident or intentionally pushed your way through, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you. This website is to introduce you to my person and my artwork. There are three rooms in the gallery for this purpose. The first room, Proliferating Things, displays the free works that I like to describe as 'Scheinlichter.' They are the heart of the exhibit. In the next room, Sprouting Things, you will find mostly drawings. In the third and final room, Forced Things, you will find works that I have created for my own studies as well as assignments and orders from clients.

If you have taken an interest in my work, you have the chance to take a piece home with you in one of several forms. You will find more information under Products. Under Events you will find all the information to current and upcoming shows and events where you can see my work, and often times meet me as well.